Luxury Interior Design Firms In HK

We’ve all heard of Hong Kong and wished to go there. A wonderful location with many of the world’s most spectacular and inventive buildings. Hundreds of diverse cultures and styles have affected Hong Kong.

residential interior design hk

  • It’s no surprise that interior design has grown in popularity and piqued the interest of so many of us, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best 3 residential interior design hk
    RAZ interiors: Their primary values are to make their clients’ dreams come true. They aspire to incorporate architectural elements into their creative ideas and produce stunning homes that embrace the beauty of life, with the basic notion that “art inspires life.” In Hong Kong and Mainland China, they provide a wide range of design services for homes and offices for homes, offices, retail, and F&B enterprises.
  • Atelier lane: Ellie Bradley has been altering interiors with her consistent penchant for neutral colors and natural daylight, creating tranquil, airy settings that feel restricted and, ultimately, relaxing. Atelier Lane is a recognized Hong Gonk design company you should have on your list, with a sharp and peculiar bold usage of bathroom tile that would not seem out of place in a chic boutique hotel in London.
  • In Situ Partners: For high-end retail, leisure, corporate spaces, and luxury home interiors, In Situ & Partners creates designs. This Hk design studio, which employs a talented creative team, believes that every project is unique.


Are you ready to begin your next improvement project? Contact any of these firms for luxury interior design in HK.