Understanding type of courier shipping services 

Shipping services have become a regular requirement for society. If there are no shipping services then there is no existence of eCommerce businesses. It is a very convenient way to ship the parcel not only that due the services many can get job opportunities. There are many different types of parcel delivery Singapore services. The reason why these services have evolved so much is because of the requirement of the customers. Let us see some types of courier services.

parcel delivery singapore

  • Standard delivery services: Standard delivery services are the best options for those businesses that depend on the courier’s services. They have a set of rules according to the place where the sender lives and the main point which they consider is the weight. If you know how much your parcel weighs then it is the best service to select. The time these services take is between two to three days. If you are not in a rush then it would be the cheapest courier type you can opt for.
  • Same-day delivery: As the name suggests the parcel will be delivered on the same day. If you have any urgent parcel like medicines then you can use it. The destination address should be local and within the courier service range.
  • Overnight shipping: This service is suitable for those businesses that cannot transport their materials in the heavy traffic in the day time Such as big building materials etc or some products which cannot handle the heat. You can get your parcel without any worry of getting stuck in the traffic.
  • Rush and on-demand delivery: These services are even faster than same-day delivery services. Inrush ad on-demand delivery there is no need to wait longer than half a day. You can use such services when you urgently send some important documents to someone and you cannot go.


Hope after having the understanding about different types of couriers you will able to select the best option for you according to your need.