Setting Up Your Company in HK–Things to Check Out

Hong Kong is popularly called as the tax-friendly country. They have an independent & free trade policy. The entrepreneurs & multinational companies have aimed for the business formation here. If you are looking for company formation in hong kong, continue reading the entire post.

Decide your business name

Your first step for hong kong company registration is to choose your company name. The name will be in English, Chinese, or both. You have to be very careful when choosing the name as you can’t use name for the business entity that anybody is using already or has ever used before. You may conduct the online session. This can help you to get aware about all guidelines for company registration in Hong Kong.

Structure of Your Business

There’s not any denying that setting up the startup is the most simple and straightforward procedure in Hong Kong. Before you open your own company, all the entrepreneurs are needed to select the business structure according to their requirements. Suppose you are looking to enjoy maximum benefits for setting up your business entity, then the limited liability company can be the best choice due to the benefits associated with this.

Operating the limited company can protect you from the lawsuits. Each member & shareholders of limited company are liable for the capital that they have invested in this company.

Select business legal structure

The market analysis & research for the startup is done. Your next step will be determining legal structure for the business before you register your firm. Determine your startup structure based on the company’s requirements and needs. The company structure affects the whole thing from how you want to do the business and how you file the taxes for the business entity. Suppose you are searching for the best structure for your company, you might have to consider the right business structures.