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Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles: Some Selections for Comfort

Piles – also known as hemorrhoids are the swelling near the anal cushion. Almost 50% of people deal with this condition. There’s no set trend here! Anyone can experience this form of painful conditions. Those above 45 years of age are more vulnerable to it. There are numerous stimulants for this issue. As stated by scientists, this can also be an inherited condition. Lack of awareness often augments the condition. Here’s your ready guide to what piles are and how you can handle it better. This will help you eliminate piles a lot easier.

Piles Treatment Selections

Piles Treatment Selections.

Most cases, piles disappear but in severe times, you need medical care. Often, many people opt for an operation. However, studies state that this isn’t a concrete medication. Many times, these start to develop again! In addition, an operation could be an extremely painful process. On the other hand, Ayurvedic medicine for piles and herbal cures have a fairly better track record. You need to understand that piles are mainly stimulated by unhealthy lifestyles. These natural medications can go a long way in introducing corrective measures. Be it lessening constipation issues or enhancing your digestion, home remedies can always offer a long-term effect.

Some Non-Surgical Selections for Piles.

Banding. This is one of the most common methods for alleviating piles. This is effective for treating medium level severity in piles. The doctor collects the hemorrhoids with a suction device or forecep. As the name suggests, rubber bands are then placed at the bottom of the affected area. Due to this, blood circulation stops and piles wilt away. There’s a 20% chance that piles would develop again. In case of internal piles, this is a fairly painless procedure. In some cases, patients do suffer from complications such as urinary tract related issues.

Sclerotherapy. This process is geared towards stopping the blood circulation to the affected area. In this case, phenol oil is administered at the base of the piles. This leads to a fibrotic reaction. It’s also referred to as the scarring of tissues. Just like in banding, the piles shrivel as the result of deficient blood circulation and die. This isn’t a very painful procedure if the severity of the piles isn’t that drastic.

But, in case of complicated piles, an operation is the only potential answer. Even though the rates of success are quite high, they alone can’t guarantee permanent relief. You’re advised to be constantly mindful of your lifestyle and diet.