In the last period, the world of video games has not only experienced growth in terms of the number of players, but also a real transformation. In fact, an area that has always been linked to the concept of entertainment, today finds itself playing an essential role in other sectors such as education and the parent-child relationship. So let’s try to understand how this can be done in an effective and beneficial way for everyone genshin impact app install.


“You play only after finishing your homework”, “don’t spend all your time in front of a screen” are just some of the most recurring phrases that most parents address to their children. According to research conducted by the University of Michigan in the United States, on a sample of 963 parents with children aged between 13 and 18, 86% of those interviewed think that their child spends too much time playing video games.

Nowadays smartphones, tablets and PCs are the daily “companies” of children’s and young people’s lives. Eliminating them from their routine would be impossible as well as absolutely counterproductive

One of the main reasons why, especially children, use these devices is to play games. Imposing a simple and categorical ban on this type of entertainment would have no effective implications and would only result in an occasion for parent-child confrontation.

On the contrary, however, for parents, adopting a different and more “open” point of view towards video games could become a very effective and valuable educational dialogue ground to meet their children in their growth and training path.

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We have already had the opportunity to address the theme of school-related gaming in the article “ Videogames: the new frontier of learning ”. Let us now try to explore this theme in the light of the parent-child educational relationship.  The world of video games has always exerted a strong fascination on the youngest and parents generally remain “excluded” from this world. “

Considering these aspects, therefore, video games could truly constitute a valuable ground for dialogue that encompasses great advantages for everyone .

An effective way, for example, could be to focus on content. Not all games are created equal. There are video games that are stimulating and promote the development of certain skills such as attention to detail, problem solving skills, scientific reasoning skills and hand-eye coordination skills.