Significant Savings in Building Energy Management and Consumption

HVAC is a cooling, heating, or ventilation system based on a regulation and control mechanism. Each hardware device requires a different environmental-climate – HVAC systems allow temperature control in the various spaces in the complex through a dedicated control system for each area.
The central control of HVAC such as Smart energy connect system makes it possible to produce from the same power source – a characteristic that makes them particularly efficient and not simply important – energy efficiency. The operation of the system is carried out in a centralized manner by the person in charge of the system or through the local operation of the employees staying in different rooms.

Another unique, cost-effective and modular cooling solution is InRow cooling units. These units, located next to the server and communication cabinets, pump and cool the hot air emitted from the servers and communication equipment, and then flow it in a point-by-point manner directly to the front of the cabinets. This solution has several significant advantages – the main of which are Significant savings in building energy management and consumption.
Comprehensive and Efficient System
The HVAC system is often used as a comprehensive, efficient, and inexpensive solution for the whole issue of air conditioning and ventilation in large buildings such as industrial buildings, office buildings, skyscrapers, etc. HVAC systems are designed with high quality and compliance and are considered reliable, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly. Another notable advantage is that, unlike other systems, installing an HVAC system requires a one-time investment.