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With Chinese enterprises and MNCs wanting to obtain access to the Chinese market situated in the territory, the hong kong data centre market has established itself as a Data Centre hub in China. There are slightly under 50 facilities in Hong Kong.

From the end of 2020 to the end of 2025, the Hong Kong Report presents an overview of the data center colocation market and a 5-year data center, raised floor space, power, price, and revenue prediction.

The data centre hong kong is frequently referred to as a single entity, although they are made up of several technological components.

These can be divided into three categories:

  • Compute refers to the memory and computing power required to operate programs, often provided by high-end servers.
  • Important company data is often stored in a data center, on media ranging from tape to solid-state drives, and backed up numerous times.
  • Datacenter components are connected to the outside world via routers, switches, application delivery controllers, and other networking equipment.

Data center architecture

Any big corporation will certainly have many data centers, maybe in different areas. This provides the company with more options for backing up data and protecting against natural and man-made calamities like floods, hurricanes, and terrorist threats. Because there are nearly infinite alternatives, designing the data center might necessitate some difficult decisions.

A small professional services organization, on the other hand, may not require immediate access to information and can maintain a primary data center in their premises with nightly backups to an alternate site across the nation.