Bathroom design online | the bathroom plan to be restored

The apartment, in essence, will remain as it is, apart from some limited local interventions that include the renovation of the bathroom and kitchen . In the drawing the position of the bathroom is identified in blue. As you can see, access is from one end of one of the long walls and there are no windows. The main dimensions are 3.2 x 1.5 meters; small but not very small home repair services in Westlake, OH.

I’m trying to convince my client to have a plasterboard wall built to screen the access to the bathroom from the living area . In this way I could also play with the juxtaposition of colors, creating perspectives and possibly inserting niches and other wall accessories. Maybe…

Everything starts with a configurator which, as a first step, invites you to choose the number of elements to be included in your bathroom , in relation to the specific needs and space available.

Considering the minimum size of my long and narrow bathroom, I can only choose to work with four elements : sink, bidet, toilet and shower. The shower will occupy the short wall at the back of the bathroom and the other bathroom fixtures will be arranged along the wall opposite the access one.

Second step: the choice of the style of the bathroom . After a long search for inspirations on pinterest , I came to define, through some images, a wish list that configure the future bathroom as modern and essential , bright and clean in lines and details. I make my choice, modern style , and move on.

In detail, I have to keep the personalize elements tag active (in red in the image) and click on the different points of interest : the washbasin area, the bathroom fixtures, the shower area. I choose a built-in washbasin instead of the countertop basin, keep the pair of sanitary ware and replace the 120 cm shower tray with one that is 100 cm flush with the floor.

At this point I can only ask you this question: are you ready to rethink your bathroom?