An introduction to postgraduate education in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a multicultural city with multiple traditions intertwined with modern technology. With more students wishing to go for higher education, the city prioritized higher education. The efforts help youth build promising careers for themselves and make the country proud. Hong Kong is also on the journey to becoming an educational hub in China as it has several world-class institutions like Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

Here are the reasons why studying in this wonderful city can kickstart the career for students.

  1. Many universities 

Hong Kong has several universities and colleges that rank high in Asia and globally. The University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology are considered prestigious worldwide.

  1. English – the official language 

If someone is worried about the language barrier, they shouldn’t be. English is the official language, and 50% of the population are fluent in English. If someone is looking to stay in the city beyond the education period, they should learn the local dialect.

  1. Scholarships 

If a student wants to pursue their postgraduate education with a good scholarship, they should consider Hong Kong. Though the academic fee is high, many scholarships balance it out. Private organizations, educational institutions, and local government bodies offer scholarships to deserving students.

  1. A cultural melting pot 

It is safe to say that Hong Kong is a bridge between the east and the west as it accommodates both cultures. From the language to the lifestyle, there is more to this city than what catches the eye.

Hong Kong is a place that values higher education and strives to provide good facilities. Internation students should consider coming here for quality education and cultural experience.