What is actuallywe mean by shisha?

Shisha is a water pipe of oriental origin, used since time immemorial, which is used to smoke tobacco of different flavors and has relaxing effects.It envelops the smoker in an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and tranquility.It is also known as hookah in some countries. Click here for shisha bowls.

What parts does the shisha have?

The shisha is a device for smoking, whose filter is water and the tobacco are gradually heated instead of being burned directly.It is basically composed of the following parts:

The base

The base, made of glass or plastic, which is partially filled with water and honey or other liquid mixtures such as liquor or tea.


A small tube covered with a ball that rises when you blow gently through the hose. It is used to purge the stale air from the inside of the hookah. Visit this site for shisha pipes.

The bowl

The bowl, where we put the tobacco that we are going to smoke and, on the tobacco, the coal that is used to heat.


Usually made of heat-resistant ceramic or clay, in which the herbs or tobacco are placed, covered by a perforated sheet of aluminum foil or other devices and on which the charcoal that lights the tobacco is placed.


The metal tube, which connects the bowl with the water in the base. Duct that joins the tobacco pan with the base, and also houses the hose connector and the air valve. It is usually made of some type of stainless metal.

The hose, which is where we must suck to smoke.