The different type of wooden flooring you can choose from

We can choose between different types of wooden flooring with very different degrees of hardness and resistance, depending on whether they will be indoor or outdoor floors. And of course, a variety of textures, colors and designs, where we not only consider the different woods, but also the types of assembly and the infinite possibilities that laminate floors offer. Visit Equal website to know about wooden flooring.

Types of Wooden Floors

Wooden flooring is made up of solid wood pieces normally arranged in parallel. Depending on the species, treatment and type of installation, it can also be used outdoors. This type of flooring does not have to be solely decorative; it can also be structural. For centuries, solid floors have not been installed on a subfloor, but have been fixed on the beams of the building to form the floor. Although it is not so common today, there are still cases. Click here for boen flooring.


It is common to use this word to refer generally to wooden floors. This is not entirely correct. Strictly when we talk about parquet floors, we refer to those that, using relatively small pieces of wood, form geometric figures.

Multilayer flooring

It is a type of flooring made up of several layers of different types of wood. Only the top layer is made of the “noble wood” that we want to expose.

Laminate floors

It is a composite of different layers, where the main one is a wood fiber board. The outer layers allow and protect the printing of any design.

Composite, Technological Pallet or Exterior Synthetic Pallet

Composite is an industrial product formed mainly from woods and resins with excellent performance for use as exterior flooring.