Preparing a Business and Industry Analysis Reports

Recently the Online Think Tank readies an unfinished version business plan for a product. This is a real item devised by Charles Shooster PhD. This product is an oral hygiene thing and below is a business analysis and business analysis work in progress. A statement of truth and We have left out all of the industry information to improve this case:

Company Analysis and Industry Analysis

Teeth Wipes Were initially conceived by Charles Shooster from the 90’s, yet because of time limitations Charles never acted upon this amazing idea. He did however make a few contacts with business to market the idea, which in the time never came to fruition. Years later he learned among the companies he contacted and had a signed on-disclosure agreement with, stole the idea and ran with it. The business in question then sold the idea together with their whole organization to Oral B for about 300 million, with registered trademark emblem and all.

Oral B in Their boundless insight offered the Teeth Wipes, as Brush-Ups in an outrageous cost of 12 for 8.99 and obviously it did not fly, although they had moderate success in the beginning because of novelty and the Oral B Brand title. Lately, Oral B has dropped the Brush Ups and left a void in the industry analysis reports. Not wanting to make the same error as Oral B, our firm will sell the Teeth Wipes at a cost to buyers, which will keep the retail cost around 5 to 1.00 and in this way allow the Teeth Wipes the mass market appeal they deserve.

We have Noted some Oral B Teeth Wipes being sold by retailers as low as 3.49 per 12 bundles since they have been discontinued.


Our company Will initially be online, because we do not believe in wasting our up-front capital or leasing expensive office space, when it is not mandatory, nor do we expect anybody to visit us, as our buyers will be from around the world and all they really want is the thing for their shelves, catalogs, restaurants, airlines or vending machines big data analytics service. Our sales teams will be independent contractors and we do not expect telling them the time, mode or manner of the sales.


A six check is about 2.00 and we see our thing as less costly, more users friendly and less inclined to discount customers, as our thing does not appear as though it is going to hurt the client is gums or cause irritation in the mouth. In consumer ad hoc polls this is precisely the answer we got.