What is a bitcoin faucet?

Bitcoin is one of the virtual currencies that is being widely used by more people across this world. Most of the individuals these days are making use of this cryptocurrency only because of the advantages that they can receive from the digital money when compared to other currencies.

When you wish to hold this cryptocurrency, you must have a digital wallet using which you can hold bitcoins as well as send and receive them to and from other bitcoin users. There are so many ways to acquire this digital money and some of them include: In exchange of goods or services, buying them online, purchasing from a person and more.

When you use these methods, you can only buy bitcoins for some amount of value. Still there is a way to get them for free and is nothing but getting free bitcoin from bitcoin faucets. A bitcoin faucet is nothing but a website through which you can receive bitcoins at certain time intervals.

acquire bitcoins

From a normal faucet, you can get water and likewise, from bitcoin faucets, you can get digital money. you can access these websites and for that you do not need to pay any money but you need to register yourself using your email address. In these faucets, you can get bitcoins easily by clicking on a link or anything but in a few sites, you need to do little tasks in exchange of bitcoins.

Those tasks are so simple like you need to fill a captcha as given on the screen, clicking on an advertisement and more. These captchas will appear once in a few minutes and by filling out everything, you can obtain bitcoins for free. But the thing is, you can get not a bitcoin but only a subunit of bitcoin called satoshi but in a long run, you can make more money.