How to Buy BTC?

Right from 2018, Bitcoin or BTC has seen the continuation of their commodity-like nature. From last some years, there is a notable decline in the Bitcoin’s value that is relative to winter months. Before New Year, the world looked at the BTC price to go above 19,000, falling of the $20,000 milestone. Considering all the rumors running over Bitcoin’s Bull Run, lots of people are left with question: How can I get in? In this guide, we will help you to understand how you can get in & out of this cryptocurrency market.

Open Your BTC Account

An exchange & wallet service may ask you for the name, address & zip code. For connecting the bank account, you have to know the routing & account number. When you have done necessary setup & linked the bank account, now you can enter the purchase order. It can take around 7 to 9 days to move your funds from the bank account to the Bitcoin wallet.

You may select the expedited procedure for the added fee. Do not put in what you cannot afford to lose. When you have waited for one week and succumbed to fee, you must check balance in the wallet. Note there’re various wallets, it depends over which coin you have decided to buy.

Pick the Exchange

It is very confusing to select which Bitcoin exchange to trade your cryptocurrencies on. Choosing your exchange will be the important safety precautions, particularly considering you need to trust the third party and connect your bank account. Suppose you want help figuring out what cryptocurrency exchange you must use, check out top picks for Best Cryptocurrency Exchange online to narrow down the choices.  So, these are 2 important steps that you need to know when you are starting to open your first Bitcoin account.