Top Drinking Games For Couples To App Some Spice In Their Romantic Life

Seeing that feeling of ecstasy on the face your partner is possibly the only thing that you want to witness. You’re and your partner’s life may become dull is there is no fun element involved in between you both. Not many give it a thought but the Drinking games for couples may add that extra flavor in your romantic life. Seeing your partner laugh or enjoying to the fullest because of you is one of the best things that you can offer your partner.

To know your partner better and to have a fun filled evening or night, here are few of the drinking games that the couples can pursue:

Fun couple drinking games

Never have I ever

 A fun filled game which not only gives you the opportunity to know your partner better but also to make them tell something which they generally abstain from. You just have to say “Never have I ever at any point” followed by something quirky, stupid or anything that you want like “kissed some other girl”. If your partner has done anything which justifies your statement then they are required to drink a pint.

Beer pong

A bit of sporty, intriguing, and exciting Drinking games for couples. In this game on either side of the table equal number of glasses filled with alcohol is placed. You need to toss the ping-pong ball and try to put it in the glasses towards the side of your partner. If you are successful then you better-half has to drink. Things get more exciting after a considerable number of glasses are finished.

Straight face

If you really want to laugh hard with your partner then this is possibly the best one. Contrary to the laughing element the couples in a way challenge each other not to laugh. Funny things are recorded on the pieces of paper. Your partner after reading it shouldn’t laugh and if they do then the punishment is the same in this Drinking games for couples too.

Intoxicated Artists

 A bit similar to the previous one, you have to draw something on a paper and your partner has to interpret it within the first 20 seconds. If successful then it’s their turn else have to drink a pint.

These games might seem to be pale but the fun element that is enjoyed in playing these drinking games can only be understood if you have ever witnessed it with your love partner.