Read This for Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

Apex Legends is newly released but despite that, it already gained a massive following. This is because it presents fun, innovative and progressive features not to mention it is free. The game is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA (Electronic Arts).

The game starts with sixty players who are pitted against each other on an island. The players are divided into squads of three with one player controlling where they will land. All throughout the game, the squad must scavenge for resources that can be used to fight other squads. The match will end when one squad remains.

Since it is a new game, there are a lot of things to learn and remember. To help you get started, you should read this text:

Learn how to fly

Before you concern yourself with apex legends hack, you should first learn how to fly better. If you fly better, you can land early so you can snag a weapon off the floor before others can. Do not fly slowly as the game is fast-paced.

You should not fly in a straight or diagonal line because it is inefficient when it comes to distance covered and the speed. The prudent thing to do is fly straight down to pick up your velocity (preferably around 145) then glide until your speed descends (to around 130). Repeat this process until you reach your target.

Work with the squad

Apex Legends is a team game. With this, it is crucial that you work with the team and stick with them. This does not mean that you do not loot without them. You can go a short distance away from the team if you want to loot but do not go far.

Remember that other squads could be just around the corner. If you get ambushed alone, fighting will be futile. To maximise your chances of survival in any combat, you should stick with the team.

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Remember your role

Although apex legends cheats can help ease the game, it is still basic to remember your role in the squad. Keep in mind that a squad is comprised of three Legends – all armed with skillsets that complement every member of a squad.

Think about the ping system

One of the best features of Apex Legends is the ping system. There are eight ping options that you can consider from “Someone’s Been Here” to “Watching Here”, “Attacking Here” and “Defending This Area”. Ping is also useful when you want to share your loot. This allows you to communicate with the squad discreetly.

Consider other options

If you are looking for other options to enhance gameplay, it is time that you consider apex legends hack tool. These tools can be potentially used on PC and Consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. Here are some tools you can consider for easing your gameplay:

  • Aimbot: the apex legends aimbot is by far the best cheating tool. Aside from automatically directing the guns and shooting for easy kills, the aimbot can track targets allowing you to collect lots of kills. With this, it allows you to deal tons of damage using any gun at most ranges.
  • Wallhacks: wallhacks are considered one of the most powerful tools because it allows you to see through the wall. With this, you can see the enemies, loot items and explosives. In the end, you can gain an early advantage in the round.
  • Coins hack: there are several boosts, things to unlock and items to purchase. This is the reason why you need apex legends coins hack. By considering such, it will give you a massive head start. At the bare minimum, it will allow you to customise the look of your Legend.

Other tips

Aside from considering apex legends free coins to increase your in-game currency, there are other tips you can consider. Here are the tips:

  • You can block the doors: players can block the doors through gas traps and death boxes. If you are stuck behind a door that won’t open, you can destroy it with melee attacks and grenades. This will only work on doors with hinges – not sliding doors.
  • Use sniper scopes: if you want to hit far targets, you need to balance your aim. There are numbers next to the hash marks on your ranged scope, which corresponds to distance. When looking through this, you will see a real-time measurement of the precise distance between you and the target. You have to consider these two elements to snipe at long range.
  • Master your movement: when playing, remember two movements – sliding and climbing. Sliding can exponentially increase the Legend speed while climbing allows ascending to walls even if it is three times their height.

Final words

Whether you consider apex legends hack apk or not, you can still have the best Apex Legends game experience. The important thing here is to remember whatever tips and tricks you learned along the way and you spend time practicing. With the right attitude, you will dominate the arena.