Practical Guide For Weed

So, you recently read about the cannabis-infused lubes or CBD lubes and their wonderful effect on sex. But, is it for real? Can weed make me really high or where will I find it and what is the main difference between the weed and the CBD lube? Is cannabis lube totally safe to apply on vaginas and anuses… any orifice?

Here is our complete guide on the weed lube — and answering your questions and sharing a few other things you might haven’t thought about before taking the trip down.

How does the weed lube work?

Generally, you apply this on your vagina, vulva, or anus, and wait. So, one big thing, which makes many people up is cannabis lube does not work immediately in a same way the regular lube does. The regular lube will make you a little slick when you use it. However, cannabis lube is not only about the literal lubrication. And your body needs a little time to absorb or activate ingredients to feel the effects. Suppose you try and use one or expect to see any fireworks instantly, then biology will not happen. Put back your pants, read some sexy stories or give yourself a little time.

cannabis lube

Some of the lubes try and explain this by describing it as “pre-lube,” which takes around 15 to 30 minutes to start its effect… Although that timing generally depends on an individual—and some people report on taking one hour and more for full effects to get realized.

Can cannabis lube make you high?

CBD lube that definitely won’t make you high, this is possible to experience high from the cannabis lube. And some people also report feeling of mild high whereas others do not notice anything. Probability of feeling high generally depends on certain factors such as how much you are using it, proportion of the THC in a lube, or your personal body chemistry & tolerance. Like mentioned, effects are very minor if there’re any, it can be the more minor feeling than you vaped, smoked, or consumed cannabis.

One important thing to note down— if you’ve somebody who is going down after you use the cannabis lube, yes, it will get high, as they are consuming cannabis orally. In such case, effect on them will be same to having edible.

No matter whether you want it medicinally for treating any anxiety symptoms and have arthritic inflammation, which needs relief, the cannabis has been the best solution for humanity.