How good is using a crossbow for fun?

It has always been a source of entertainment and survival method. From ancestor years hunting and target shooting have played a huge role in human entertainment and survival. However, it is the new trend which has caused an increase in the demand for crossbows. It has become a popular and a choice of sport which women are picking up.


If you are new to this crossbow purchase it is important that you go through some steps before buying. There is a need to look for the right weight and size of a crossbow. The more the crossbow fits your needs the more it gets easy to focus on your target and get the best possible shot. It is essential to watch out for draw weight the more is your draw weight the faster your arrow goes after shooting. This option fits well for anyone who is willing to meet with speed while shooting.

However, there is still lacking in the field with so many men crossbows present in the market it is hard to find a women crossbow. Here we have tried to discuss some of the great crossbow options for women:

Carbon express crossbow

The weight is quite good to hold in hands with effective price of the product. It doesn’t cost anything above $350. Even with the lightest weight the velocity it can achieve is high approximately 345 fps.

If we compare the price of this crossbow with others it comes with a better scope. The scope works really well with the crossbow and adds beauty to the design. In addition to this, there are six crosshairs which bring more efficiency inaccuracy.

 Quick pros to look out for

  1. Product is waterproof, shock-resistant and fog proof
  2. Amazing accuracy
  3. Balance is amazing
  4. Practice points to practice aim

Cons to mention

  1. Scratches are common
  2. Price varies according to the area and could be really high in places.

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543

This is a great package with everything falling in absolutely great price of $140 below. It is a product which is for advanced users at least someone who has experienced using crossbows before. The draw weight is of 175 lbs and velocity is 240 fps.

Anyone who doubts the decision of taking up shooting can pick this option because of the price it follows.

 Pros list to look out for

  1. Amazing range of prize
  2. Great accuracy
  3. Better performance than others in the same price range

Cons to remember

  1. Vibrations while shooting
  2. Not suited well for beginners
  3. Imperfection in scope

These are just two amazing options there are many others which you might want to know about before buying your product finally.