GTA 5: 3 tips to have infinite money quickly!

GTA 5 is funny as long as you can make money. So here are 3 tips to make money really fast and without cheat code!In GTA 5, it’s fun to have fun breaking everything. But it only marks when you have enough money. For the most feigned, there are the cheats’ codes. But we are not little players. So here are 3 tips for earning money quickly. Click here for 먹튀.

먹튀The buggy underwater bag

I said without cheating, not without exploiting a bug present in the game! Indeed, in GTA 5, you can find at a certain place in the game an underwater suitcase that can open to infinity. It is to the north-west of the map, next to the cable car. It is accessible via a marine vehicle. Use the tip of the clothing store as a marker to find it. Visit this site for 먹튀.

Because in, you will find 12 000 GTA $. Get them, and then change your character. Not Mickael, to avoid kinematics. Once done, take back your other character, who should still have his feet in the water. Tada! The suitcase can open again with $ 12,000 GTA 5 in it!

Remember to become a trader

If some dream of becoming a scum, others would like to become a banker. We will mix the two. Two options. Already, go to the website of the stock market. Then buy stock (a lot) from animalark. This is a hunting site. Go in nature, and kill the maximum of animals. The more you kill, the richer you will be. The price of the stock will have increased sharply. Resell your actions.

Another method that can work in parallel: Buy shares at AUG (anguryinsurance). This is an auto repair insurance. You guessed it, right? Break the car maximum. Then, when the price of the stock has increased enough, sell them.

Earning 1,000,000 in the lester assassination mission

This trick only works if you have not finished story mode, nor does Leister’s missions. Indeed, you can easily earn $ 1,000,000 of GTA 5 with. And this, always playing with the stock market.Before making the 1st mission: Invest all the money of each character in the action Betta Pharmaceutical (BET / BAWSAQ).

Do no more Leister missions until the end of story mode. Then when the 1st mission is finished, and BET / BAWSAQ shares reach 80%, resell them. The title Bilkington (BIL / LCN) will also drop sharply after the end of the mission. Buy it when it’s low, and then sell it a week later. Here too, 80% of profit to be made.