Cushion is replaced the cotton for sitting purpose

Generally, cushion pillows and cushion chairs are used, but the cushion is replacement of the cotton. Earlier only the cotton was used in the pillows and in the chairs but recently the cushion is made from the polyester and with the elastic, so if anyone press this material it would be soft to feel in the hand, so this is the reason everyone replaced the cotton to the cushion, however, office chair cushion is not expensive to use, it is almost cheaper than the quality cotton, at the same time, cotton is not available because it is a natural product, and the cotton should have to be cultivated in the trees, it is a kind of flower of the tree, that is the reason cotton is not available for regular usages to be used in the bed, pillow and in the chair. The cushion is invented many years before and it is being used by replacing the cotton, so the furniture manufacturers are not trying to use the cotton. Even if the cotton is available and it is fixed in the chair, pillow and in the bed, after long time use, the cotton observes the bacteria and creating the infection to the human body, itching, asthma diseases are created only through the cotton, at the same time, the cushion is not bringing any kind of problem even if it is used for many years.

seat cushionThis is the reason everyone is now using only cushion for their comforts, the cushion is available with many colors, of course, the cushion is covered on the top with plastic and other materials, so the bag contained cushion is safe inside, the top cover is strong and it doesn’t permit to open and view the cushion. The cushion is chemically processed and it would not observe any infection to the users and this is also one of the reasons why the cushion replaced the cotton. At the same time, cushion is available all the time, but the cotton is seasonable product, and it is not available all the time to use in the pillows, chairs and in the bed.