Bestfinder a service for snapchat and kik users

The existence of Social media

A rapid change has been observed in the technology used in the world of communication information over the years. One of the most crucial developments is the invention of social media. There are a number of social networking sites running on the internet which have changed our way of interacting with our family, friends and relatives. It has also affected our way of making new friends.

There are a lot of applications used as social platform on the internet as well as services like are also helpful in connecting and making friends.

Reasons of making online friends

  • Making new friends on the social networking sites could be quite easy for some of the people as there is a presence of screen between the other person and you. One gets a proper time before replying and there is no issue of worrying about the person’s opinions on your appearance.
  • The internet came into existence during 80’s, it was predicted that cyber world would be unsocial and disconnected from the real world but actually both the online as well as offline worlds are interconnected.
  • A person could easily find the people having common interest as people with same interest tend to become friends easily on internet.
  • The social platform could prove to be supportive and a person could sense their belonging on it.

Social media and its services

Social networks like snapchat and kik is quite popular as quick messaging service, the reason is that they have a large number of users who actively interacts by using the application and sharing their day to day life. The users of kik and snapchat could easily avail an online service provided by to look for new friends to connect and chat with.

This service enables the user to explore the usernames list freely that was intentionally submitted by the other users of these applications. Users can also register their id on the database of in which they can easily enter their basic information like gender, age along with the username and a short description about themself to demonstrate the topics of their interest. Smartphones have become an eternal part of the social life of today’s teenagers. In order to connect instantly with the people we want to know in person, can be easily done if they are present on the social media network.