Best Lighting System for Your Aquarium Plants

To create the perfect aqua-marine atmosphere inside your aquarium, first, you need the perfect lighting system to enlighten the reef tank. LED is the new attraction on this block. It consumes less electricity, generates less heat-output and runs a bit longer than the standard aquarium lights. No matter what kind of reef tank you have, modern upgraded LED lights are available for every possible aquarium types. For additional assistance, you can consider the given website link to understand all the benefits of the best aquarium light.

Here, in this article, we will discuss specific lighting types for specific aquarium types.

  1. Fish-only aquarium: it contains artificial plants, decorative ceramics/woods structures. These types of fish tanks require LED lights or standard/power compact fluorescent lighting system.

You require a 1-2 watts/gallon lighting system that can simulate the day-night environment in your unplanted fish-only aquarium. Also, you can choose a specific spectrum if bulb that suits perfectly your requirements. Here, you should avoid the traditional standard bulbs that can promote the excessive growth of the brown algae.

  1. Freshwater Planted Aquarium: these types of aquariums generally consist of live fish, plants and other ceramic/wood decorations.

You need T-5 HO, standard fluorescent, VHO, metal halide /HQL, power compact, LED lighting systems to illuminate your tank.

Most of the freshwater plants that are mostly available in the stores mainly come from the rivers located in South or Central America. In general, the water is quite gloomy there, but the plants get full-spectrum light. A lighting system with standard fluorescent lights ranging from 2-5 watts/gallon is pretty enough for your tank. But, you have to keep in mind your tank’s depth and the particular species of plants you have acquired. Since most of the powerful lighting system generates heat; you can attach a small fan to cool down the atmosphere. 

  1. Marine Reef Aquarium: it contains fish, corals, other invertebrates and live rock. LED, T-5 HO, VHO, Metal Halide/ HQL, power compact – these specific lighting systems can be used inside a marine reef tank.

Lots of invertebrates and corals directly depend on light to absorb the adequate nutrients but the light intensity varies widely for each of these corals. For an instance, you have planted a specific coral which comes from the depth 15-65 feet where they get enough light. On the other hand, some of the other corals have adapted to the low-light condition.

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