April 23, 2017

Why Is Shisha Smoking Such A Craze Among Smokers?

Why Is Shisha Smoking Such A Craze Among Smokers?
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Shisha smoking is also known by the name Hookah smoking is the most popular smoking method across all the smokers in the world. Hookah is actually the device through which smoking is done while Shisha is the smoking substance or tobacco.  One of the reasons why it has become so popular among teens is because it is fruit flavored which add an amazing taste to the taste buds. Apart from Hookah, there are other devices present in the market where tobacco can be used as a smoking substance like e-cigarettes and smoking pens.

What Is So Special About Hookah Smoking?

It has originated in Asia and then took over the world. Even though survey has shown that it is extremely popular among teens and youths, it is more convenient for the older guys to relax in their bed or comfortable sofa and smoke it in and out.

  • Flavors Variety – Shisha has so many different flavors like mint, cola, apple, strawberry, and others that you would not feel like smoking at all.
  • Cool Smoking – First of all, smoking through Hookah is the coolest thing to do, and a Hookah has an awesome design to add beauty to your room. But the ultimate scoring point is that the smoke passed through a water tube before hitting the mouth and hence, you will feel a cool sensation while smoking. This is such a contrast to traditional smoking where the lips get burnt due to heat and burning sensation of a cigar.

  • Longer Smoking – A cigar has a few minutes of lifetime where with Hookah, you can smoke for hours. Furthermore, you can replace the smoking material easily all by yourself. Therefore, you need to make a one-time investment for the device and refill it from time to time.
  • Convenient Smoking – You can smoke with a Hookah at your home only, and it is likely to become your habit which is good given the fact that you should not smoke outside to make someone a passive smoker unwillingly. But the biggest convenient point is that a Hookah can sit on the floor, and you can sit on your chair and have it.

Emotional Value – Since Hookah smoking is far too long than traditional smoking with a cigar, it is likely to make you nostalgic by bringing back the old memories. Psychologically, it provides peaceful of mind and releases all the stress and tension stored inside.

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