Residential treatment

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Programs Provided by Wilderness Therapy Programs

Programs Provided by Wilderness Therapy Programs

Anasazi is not a basic training camp. Programs for troubled teens are created to help people dealing with some issues in life. It also helps parents by making them learn about how the Anasazi Foundation Wilderness therapy program makes the best to help their troubled teenagers. They offer the right program according to your children need and teach them the principles of genuine love, repentance, restitution, agency, and forgiveness.

Academic programs

Anasazi foundation has a strong academic program that goes with their wilderness therapy programs. They employ an experienced and certified clinical staff, with balanced one-on-one counseling and therapy sessions. To give their full focus, attention, and care to children, they admit small group of adults to programs. Anasazi’s academic program includes physical education, leadership and self-reliance, and experiential communications. Each area is evaluated through written and verbal exercises.

Residential treatment

They have a residential treatment facility for girls and boys which continue to 4 to 6 weeks. They use classroom and psychological assessments and psychiatric sessions to help children. They also have a youth residential treatment center for young girls aged 12-17. In this treatment practice, they use a cognitive-behavioral approach and a unique type of experiential therapy interventions. They also involve the family members of the troubled teens to make children comfortable.

Outdoor behavioral healthcare program

This program is designed for 12 to 17 years old youth, struggling with wealth abuse, behavioral, or emotional concerns. They live an ancient lifestyle and discover the technologies and skills of the ancient world. They stay here for a minimum of 50 days doing camping and hiking. The Anasazi Foundation Wilderness therapy program gives them an opportunity to live in an environment that don’t include distraction and clutter – to think about their life seriously, make them a responsive person, and prepare themselves to begin a new life. They teach them to make foods or meals of their own, make fire, and build shelters to protect themselves.

Involvement of parents

They believe that parent involvement is a very important element to the success of the program. They organize few activities that involve parents, include:

  • A brief parent orientation at the time of admission
  • Shortly after the admission, there is a one-day anatomy of peace workshop
  • A weekly session with family members via Skype or telephone
  • In the last of the program, they provide an opportunity for parents and children to stay together for two to three days to build up their relationship of commitments and trust.