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Kodi TV Box – What is it and what are they for?

Kodi TV Box – What is it and what are they for?

A Kodi TV Box is a computer based on an operating system inside (Windows, Android, iOS or Linux) and connected to a TV through the COMPOSITE port or HDMI, it allows us to use applications on the installed operating system and play it on our TV. In short, a TV box has the ability to turn your TV into a SmartTV.

We know that at this stage of the game, there are many TV options that already come with intelligent systems and allow us to interact with applications and stay connected to the internet but look at this, in the ecosystem of SmartTV that exist so far, one percent Very low has the ability to compare to a TV Box as is the case of some brands that already have models that include Android as their operating system since the end of 2015.


A TV Box has several functionalities, all linked to multimedia playback. Apart from the connection ports, there are also USB ports, SATA ports and SD memory and micro SD readers, that is, we have the option to connect external disks and enter memories to play their contents on our screen.

In case you do not own or simply do not want to connect a device to the TV Box, remember that we mention that its base in an operating system? Well, as well as installing applications on your mobile, in the same way, you can do it on your TV Box. There are different applications that allow you to play audio-visual content on your screen but one of the most used and most renowned in recent times, it is Kodi TV Box, initially called XBMC and with which you can make remote connections and enjoy all kinds Content such as movies, series, live broadcasts, music, etc.

The market has grown exponentially in the last year 2015-2016 and in the same way the competition has grown, beneficial for consumers who have more options to buy. It is important to take into account that the capacity of this equipment is what differentiates one from another, if you make the decision to acquire a Kodi TV Box, do your research, see comparisons between one and another team and finally decide which equipment benefits you more on the basis To your needs, not necessarily have the latest model or the most capacity is the option that is tailored to your needs.