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Best Fastest Cars under $10,000

Best Fastest Cars under $10,000

Who don’t like to drive fast cars when they are going to buy them in a limited budget? We got something for you which will help you in buying fast cars under 10k from the Let’s go through the list of fast cars under $10,000.

  1. BMW E39 M5:

Most of the people say that this car is known as one of the best speedy cars ever. It has a powerful engine and the speed of the car goes to the 186mph. According to the people this car is fastest in speed and manageable at the same time. The engine power of the car is 400 horsepower.

2. Chrysler 300C SRT8:

This is the model of 2010 and the engine of the car has power of 425 horsepower. You can say that the power of the engine has been transferred from the Mercedes. This car is comfortable and luxurious as well as the speed goes to the 174 mph. The good news for the speed lovers is that this car has no speed limit, when you want to make it run as much as possible.

3. BMW M3 2004:

The engine power of the BMW M3 is 333 horsepower and has 6 cylinder engines as well. The speed of the car reaches to the 155mph. Now people have this model ion their garages and it’s quite hard to find this model in the market for sale. People, who love to drive, definitely don’t want to sale this model due to the power packed performance and strong build.

4. Audi S4, 2000:

This model is known as the old school model, because people back in time used to drive this car when they need some speedy model in their garages. The speed of the car reaches to the 157mph. the power of the engine is 350 horsepower and it has 6 speed manual transmissions. This car is affordable to everyone and you can get this car in just $5000 easily from the market.

5. Ford Mustang mach 1:

When you want this car to reach the top speed in few seconds then this car is best and you can find more information about this car at The speed of the car reaches to the 154 mph. If you want this car to be faster than you can replace the chip of the car and it will increase the speed of the car. Ford mustang is ideal for the speed lovers and with the few modifications you can enhance it.