May 31, 2017

Reviews of few best space heaters in the market

Reviews of few best space heaters in the market
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Space heater is the one of the most important tool or the appliance in the home to manage winter cold. It will be hectic to manage the winter cold nights without heater. The space heater is used to heat the home to beat the cooling. The space heater is more advantageous than usual heaters. The usual heater will warm up or heat the entire house whereas the space heater will heat one or two rooms as per the need. So, it cuts the electric bill which will be high if usual heater is used as it heats the entire house. Let’ see space heater reviews of some models so that it will be easy to decide.

Lasko 755320 Space Heater

This space heater is one of the best models in the market with heating capacity of 1500 Watts. This is enough to heat the room maximum 200 Square feet. The design is slim so you can move anywhere in your home. The one of the best feature about this model is the oscillation system that pushes the hot air in different direction and not just in a single direction. Thermostat that constantly maintains the temperature is another feature.


  • Settings can be changed using remote controller
  • Same temperature can be maintained throughout the day


  • The loud sound comes from the heater while making changes in the setting.

Dr. Infrared Heater Dr968

This is also a 1500 watts heating capacity space heater. This model is easy to move and the performance is appreciative. The one of the feature to be mentioned is low noise hence it will not be a disturbance in night time. 4 wheels are given in this model hence it will be easy to move. Thermostat is the best option as it will maintain the temperature accordingly to the temperature of the room and the thermostat works automatically as per the setting.


  • The safety features of this model is commendable
  • You will seldom hear they working sound of the heater


  • The thermostat is not accurate

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy

This space heater is otherwise called as the leader of space heaters in both indoor and outdoor space heater models. You have to connect this heater to the propane tank to get the best use in the outdoor.


  • Useful model for tenting and camping people.
  • Oxygen level detector and auto shut off features ensure safety


  • Heat with propane is dangerous hence it should be used carefully if you have children.

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