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What is a Personal injury Law? A Knowhow

What is a Personal injury Law? A Knowhow

Personal injury is a law brought in action by legal authorities as an answer to the culprit and the sufferer as a result of any wrongful conduct. Based on the liability and the damage done, the sufferer will be compensated. Personal injury Law only focuses on physical, mental, wages lost or emotional injuries caused to an individual due to an accident. It might include the property damage as the second damage after the physical injury. Talk to a San Antonio personal injury lawyer now.

Check for insurance: When you are planning to file a suit for your claim, it is important to find if the other party has insurance cover or not.  If you have suffered serious injuries, then you will get your eligible claim irrespective of the responsible party having the insurance cover or not. Your lawyer will help you in this matter so that you get the best compensation.

Settling a case

Here you agree to the monetary compensatory the defendant and drop the case against him. Here the lawyer will help you decide whether the realistic assessment will benefit you, ultimately you have to decide whether you want to accept the settlement.

The defendant does not get punished as it is a civil case and he/she has to compensate for your personal injury claim. Grab more insight from the VB Law Group.

Case has to be filed within time

According to the statute of limitations which varies from state to state for the period of filing a claim, probably within an year of the injury. If is later than the stated period of time, the claim will be thrown out.

Protocols to be abide by: The Ministry of Justice has come up with certain guidelines. One is that a notice needs to be given to the opposite party notifying them about the incident, the harm caused and about financial compensation. The accused then is given 21 days and nights to get back. If they don’t then the victim can seek legal assistance.

Enquiry: Once the opposite party and the insurance company get the notice, they get three months to do their own investigation on the matter. If they agree with the claim, they should pay accordingly soon enough and if they do not, then the claimant can take the case to court. The court will then examine all details and circumstances and give its verdict.

A San Antonio personal injury lawyer can check the injuries and determine who exactly can be held responsible for this because suing the right party is very important.


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Five top reasons behind hiring private investigators

Five top reasons behind hiring private investigators

The world is full of corrupt, fraud, and dishonest individuals. Such people can pose a serious threat to your personal life as well as to your business. This is when private investigators come in the picture. Companies, as well as investigators, can use their services for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at some points to know how investigators can prove to be helpful.


Conducting background checks before dating someone

As mentioned earlier, this is the era of fraudsters. Before you spend even few minutes with your Mr. or Ms. Perfect, it’s advisable to get a background check done on the concerned individual and make sure that he or she is actually the person whom he or she is claiming to be.  An investigator can help you to verify the person’s educational details, employment details, passport, as well as criminal record with relevant authorities.

Help government departments

Believe it or not, but even government departments seek help from a private investigator in welfare fraud cases. Identifying the number of occupants in the house, finding details related to the overall income of the people living in the house, cross checking if the concerned individual is misusing public welfare funds or not, etc. are some of the duties performed by investigators for government departments.

Investigating stalker

Crime related data from the US indicates that every year around 1.5 million individuals face stalking. Victims often find it difficult to take action because of the complicated process. But, a private investigator can easily help in solving such cases. They can identify the stalker, find complete information about the person, the reason behind his behavior and then present all the data to the police in order to get the case solved and punish the culprit quickly.

If you are looking for Private Investigator Sacramento, you should get in touch with Caughtu Investigations.

Investigating fraudulent insurance claims

Insurance companies hire private investigators to work on certain cases that may involve fraudulent claim. Such claims are filed with intent to get insurance benefits fraudulently. Investigators help insurance firms by cross checking medical treatment documents, bills, meeting professionals and verifying testimonies, etc. Such processes help insurance firms to save billions every year.

Investigating identity theft cases

Data available in the public domain suggests that every year, millions of dollars are lost due to identity theft cases. Victims need several years to clear the mess caused by fraudsters. However, taking an investigator’s help can sort out things faster. Professionals can help in tracing who stole the victim’s identity and also help in retrieving details about fraud committed by the person. The victim can take the report further and submit it to law enforcement agencies to fast-track the investigation.