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Top Drinking Games For Couples To App Some Spice In Their Romantic Life

Seeing that feeling of ecstasy on the face your partner is possibly the only thing that you want to witness. You’re and your partner’s life may become dull is there is no fun element involved in between you both. Not many give it a thought but the Drinking games for couples may add that extra flavor in your romantic life. Seeing your partner laugh or enjoying to the fullest because of you is one of the best things that you can offer your partner.

To know your partner better and to have a fun filled evening or night, here are few of the drinking games that the couples can pursue:

Fun couple drinking games

Never have I ever

 A fun filled game which not only gives you the opportunity to know your partner better but also to make them tell something which they generally abstain from. You just have to say “Never have I ever at any point” followed by something quirky, stupid or anything that you want like “kissed some other girl”. If your partner has done anything which justifies your statement then they are required to drink a pint.

Beer pong

A bit of sporty, intriguing, and exciting Drinking games for couples. In this game on either side of the table equal number of glasses filled with alcohol is placed. You need to toss the ping-pong ball and try to put it in the glasses towards the side of your partner. If you are successful then you better-half has to drink. Things get more exciting after a considerable number of glasses are finished.

Straight face

If you really want to laugh hard with your partner then this is possibly the best one. Contrary to the laughing element the couples in a way challenge each other not to laugh. Funny things are recorded on the pieces of paper. Your partner after reading it shouldn’t laugh and if they do then the punishment is the same in this Drinking games for couples too.

Intoxicated Artists

 A bit similar to the previous one, you have to draw something on a paper and your partner has to interpret it within the first 20 seconds. If successful then it’s their turn else have to drink a pint.

These games might seem to be pale but the fun element that is enjoyed in playing these drinking games can only be understood if you have ever witnessed it with your love partner.

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How Pheromones Are Researched

Pheromones are produced in liquid form. Some pheromone secretions evaporate as soon as they are released and so become quickly dispersed in the air. Others are waxy or oily; such pheromones do not evaporate very fast and so tend to last much longer. Learn more at

Transmitting Pheromones

The process of sending a chemical message is a very complex one. Animals normally release pheromones only at certain times, even though they may produce these special chemicals almost continually in their bodies. An animal does not consciously “decide” what pheromone messages to send and when to send them. Rather, it releases pheromones in response to specific stimuli (singular, stimulus) that occur either in the world around it or inside its body.

A stimulus is any action or situation that can bring about a reaction in a living thing. For example, an insect might be stimulated to produce a particular pheromone by the presence of an enemy or a potential mate, the act of laying eggs, or the discovery of a rich food source. Only under certain conditions will animals release pheromones and in so doing create a chemical message.

Challenges in Pheromones Research

Understanding why animals send the kinds of messages that they do is one of the many challenges in pheromone research. Much more is known about how different kinds of animals actually release pheromone molecules into their surroundings.

Some animals do so simply by exposing the surface of a gland, perhaps by lifting a tail or wing. Other animals are equipped with accessory structures that help to increase the amount of pheromone they can release or to disperse the pheromone more rapidly.

Some of these structures are quite strange-looking. For example, some types of male butterflies have feathery scent brushes that they usually keep tucked away inside their bodies in pouches containing pheromone glands. The many fine hairs of scent brushes are saturated with pheromones that attract female butterflies.

When pursuing a female, the male extrudes his scent brushes. Because these delicate structures have a great deal of surface area from which pheromones can evaporate, they act as a sort of chemical radiator, greatly increasing the rate at which pheromone molecules float off into the air. Some species of male moths have long inflatable structures that also help to disperse pheromones.

What About Pheromones For Humans?

Pheromones for humans come in a variety of colognes and perfumes. They are commonly sold online and contain numerous ingredients to bolster attraction to the opposite sex. Some of the most popular brands include Pherazone, Nexus, and Chikara cologne. What they all have in common is the use of androstenone and androstenol.  There are common pheromone additives that are reported to boost sexual attraction and make the wearer feel more confident. Make sure to try them today and experience the difference! Learn more at

How Not to Fall For Scams

We have read over and over again how many people tend to fall for scams. Considering the need for people for money, they have also been creative in crafting varied scam techniques. No wonder some people fell victims to their selfish desired to the point that they end up losing their hard earned money and even their lives.

bryndis helgadottir icelandic model

However, you don’t need to experience the same. There are ways you can be able to safeguard yourself, your money and your properties in order not to fall for these scams. Here are tips that you can follow.

Think and discern.

Majority of individuals who fell for scams are impulsive and quick to decide. Some offers them this much amount of money and they would want to grab it immediately without second thoughts. It is important then to always take a step back and revisit before you decide. Imagine this is your money that we are talking about, this is your life. Don’t just say yes immediately to beautiful words spread by the other individual. Assess if it is too good to be true. If indeed it is, then it must be a scam. For example, don’t grab right away if someone would say they can double your money in less than one day. That they can be able to deliver millions in a matter of months. Even businesses will take a long time in order to gain profits of that magnitude. And that’s scam.

Aside from money, this also works with regards to men and women who target our fragile heart. If they say they love you in a matter of days meeting with him or her, you might be falling in a scam too. Better put your heart firewall in order to guarantee that it won’t be broken again. Relationships like love takes a long time to build. And someone can’t just say they love you this much in an instant.

Check reviews

To better protect you, don’t forget to check for reviews online. The Internet is already a good resource for common scam dealings and notable scammers around the globe. You might want to turn on that computer and Google a few words in order to know if these are legitimate or not.

It is always best to have your own protective bubble once in a while. Some might say you are just being paranoid but there’s much at stake here not only your money but also your life.

So better follow these tips in order to steer clear from scams like that of the notable bryndis helgadottir icelandic model news.

Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Plumber

Clogs, leaks, or setting up a new bathroom, at some point or the other everyone has to hire a plumber. The most important problem that people face when it comes to hiring plumbers is that you need them right away but they are not available. Imagine you have an emergency situation where there is a major water pipe leak and there’s no way you could get a plumber reach your place at that time. This is why you should keep a track of plumbers’ communities and companies that send certified plumbers to your place, online.

hiring plumbers

The internet will help you hire plumbers within minutes and you can check who is available around what time in your locality. Let’s just say that you live in Toronto and you need to search for plumbers around you. You just need to type “Plumber Toronto” on Google and once you get the results for Plumber Toronto, you can go through the websites of different companies that provide plumbing services. Yes, it’s as easy as that. However, before hiring a plumber there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

Certified Plumber

Make sure that the plumber you’re hiring knows his job well. Ask about his certificates and qualification in the plumbing area.

Reviews and Ratings of the Company

The company that’s providing you the plumber should have at least a few years of experience in the field. You can check on Google as well as in their websites for client reviews and ratings before hiring someone from the company.

Experience of the Plumber

Ask the plumber if he has at least a couple of months experience in plumbing. A bad plumber can mess your house and make a swimming pool right inside your kitchen.

Availability of the Plumber

Ask the plumber or the company if they can send help right away in a case of emergency. If it’s not an emergency situation, schedule an appointment around the time you’re going to be free.

The Cost

Talk about the cost of the service once the plumber inspects the situation. Ask if it includes buying the parts, cleaning up after the work, and other things like emergency help. If the work is going to take more than a single day, decide how much you will pay at the completion of what part of the task. Do not pay all the money in the beginning itself.

The utility of Kik that inspires teenagers

Just some years back, people owned ordinary mobile phones that had limited functionality and features. People used to make and receive calls and messages with them only. But within a few years, the world of mobile changed. With the advancement of the latest technologies, smartphones have arrived on the market and these phones are heaped with tons of features. On these smartphones, you have the capability to install applications and these days social messaging applications have become a huge rage. Today, people can do video chats, send multimedia messages, join groups chats, share files or pictures besides doing many other kinds of fun.

messaging mobile application

Amongst numerous apps, one is called Kik Messenger, or Kik and it is identified as one instant messaging mobile application. There are countless people who use this app and during May 2016, this messenger has managed to get nearly 300 million itemized users and this app is used by nearly 40% teenagers in the US alone. This app has reportedly got involved in many occurrences of child exploitation and due to this reason, it has largely drawn controversy.This app is not meant for the minors as it has got anonymity characteristics and parents are strictly advised not to let their minor children access it. A user can search his mate on usernames kik by entering his own name.

The evolution of this app

This application was founded in the year 2009 by some students in Canada and they wished to develop new technologies that can be used on mobile smartphones. Kik Interactive developed Kik Messenger as its initial application in the month of October 2010. Within just 15 days after it got released, this messenger managed to reach 1 million user registrations. On 24th November 2010, RIM (Research in Motion) removed this messenger from BlackBerry application world and it also limited its functionality. In the month of October 2013, these companies settled the lawsuit.

Unique features of Kik

For operating this app you need to have Wi-Fi to send and receive mobile webpages, sketches, messages, videos, phones etc. For this, you must register the users. You can find new friends on this app very easily. You can find and make new friends from all around the world. You can check out your friends’ photos and profiles and can share your life moments too. Countless people prefer this app as they can locate local Kik guys and gals near them. The most important thing is for making others locateyou; do not forget posting your username.